About Us


About Us

Maharaja Family Restaurant is the brainchild of the Mundkur Prabhu couple, Subbanna and Komal.

Subbanna being a connoisseur of good food, always wanted to set up a restaurant with GSB cuisine being the focal point. For Komal, this was an opportunity to proliferate her culinary prowess – which was till then confined to the benefit of her family – to a wider section of the society.

Relentlessly pursuing their dreams, they decided Mangalore would be the best place to establish a restaurant that would be markedly different from the other restaurants. They envisaged a foodie’s delight, whose building blocks would be gastronomical delight, consistent quality and customer focus.

Established on Feb 24, 2002, Maharaja Family Restaurant has grown to be a favorite place for food lovers who look for a memorable dining experience without having to break the bank. Our customers appreciate our unstinting focus on maintaining the taste, quality and service with a smile. We strive to make our customers feel like royalty when they are our guests at Maharaja.

If you have not already experienced our hospitality, we would like you to give us a try. We assure you that we will find a way into your heart through your palate and convert you into a fan of our food.