Our Team


M SubbaNNa Prabhu

Managing Director

SubbaNNa is a born adventurer with an undying entrepreneurial spirit. Being an ardent foodie, he always dreamt about setting up a restaurant that served tasty and quality food. He initiated his journey in the world of gastronomical delights with the first venture of Hotel Shrinivas at BC Road. It was an establishment that was ahead of its times, and attracted clientele from Mangalore as well during the heydays.

Circumstances led to him exiting this venture and setting up Maharaja family restaurant, which has become a household name in and around Mangalore. A great chunk of success of Maharaja can be attributed to SubbaNNa’s attention to details.

If you ever wonder about the secret behind consistent quality and taste of your favorite delicacy, here it is! SubbaNNa is in the kitchen full-time; ensuring each dish is prepared conforming to the quality levels defined by him.  Perhaps he is one of the rare few, who as an owner, is so deeply involved in kitchen operations. There is no scope for mediocrity in his world!

“ Our customers are our Royalty. We strive to give them the best of taste, quality and service at a reasonable price point. And they are our brand ambassadors; their word-of-mouth recommendations are our best advertisements!” says SubbaNNa, when asked about the secret to Maharaja’s success.


Komal S Prabhu

Chief Operating Officer

Komal is a familiar face for most patrons of Maharaja family restaurant. As you step into the restaurant, you may find her at the entrance with a disarming smile, donning the role of the hostess. She takes care of all the operations of the restaurant and handles all the associated challenges with élan.

Her association with the hospitality sector began with Shrinivas. Business acumen, that was lying dormant inside her came to the fore as she learned the ropes of running the operations of a hotel. She has been with SubbaNNa in each of his adventures, providing the necessary support. The success of Maharaja has been scripted by Komal and SubbaNNa working relentlessly, shoulder to shoulder, keeping the happiness of their clientele as the primary objective.

Ever wondered why does your favorite Ghee Roast at Maharaja is endearing to your palate as compared to other restaurants? Komal personally prepares the masala for some of the USPs of Maharaja!

Popular as the “Maharani of Maharaja”, she is known for her unstinting customer focus. The word “Impossible” is absent in the dictionary of her life. An eternal optimist, she takes both bouquets and brickbats with equal grace.

“Our critics are our architects towards success” is her motto!


Sudhindra Prabhu

Sudhindra is the elder son of SubbaNNa and Komal. Currently he is pursuing a degree in Hotel Management from the prestigious Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA). A big proponent of innovations, he has been instrumental in ushering in several process improvements in Maharaja. In addition, he provides pertinent inputs to SubbaNNa and Komal on the industry trends. He is expected to lend a strong shoulder to Maharaja’s operations in the next few years.

On weekends and during vacation, you will find this smart hunk playing the role of a host at Maharaja.


Laxmidas Prabhu

Laxmidas is the younger son of the Prabhu couple. Though this budding entrepreneur is still pursuing his pre-university education, his association with Maharaja is strong. His compassion and friendliness make him a darling of all the staff members. He is expected to be the PR face of Maharaja in the years ahead.